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How This Works
ShowCast uses the Windows Digital Rights Management System. This system encrypts digital media allowing the files to be safely downloaded over the internet. Before the encrypted file can be played the system requires that a license be purchased. The license may be for a specific period (rental) or unlimited (purchase). When a license is purchased a key is downloaded to the user's computer which allows the Windows Media Player to decrypt and play the file. The key is only usable on that user's computer for the time allowed by the license.

Filmmakers receive royalties based on the revenue ShowCast receives from renting and selling their films over the internet. The royalty rate is currently fifty percent of the film's revenue and is specified in the agreement between the filmmaker and ShowCast. Royalty payments are made quarterly.

Depending on the running time of your film ShowCast may make it available as a separate work or as part of a compilation by genre, topic or festival. If your work is included in a compilation, revenue allocations will be made based upon running time.

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